Common lounge area

This is the common lounge area where I would often spend my evenings. I rarely could get decent internet connection in my room, but outside my room it was fine. As a result I would come out here to sit at the table to check my email, Skype home, or just enjoy the evening.

Since this was the common area for everyone in staff housing, it was not uncommon for us to eat together out here, or for several of us to be using our electronic devices out where the internet was better. 



Beautiful Landscape


This picture was taken at sunset abut halfway through my trip. Part way up the hill was a great lookout point and I would often go up there to enjoy the beauty around me and try to capture it on camera. 

The direction you are looking is west (obviously); the direction we would take to go to the city.IMG_2933

Pictures from my trip

To anyone who may be following,

I will be posting some more pictures from my trip to Honduras, which will include descriptions and some background information regarding the significance of the picture.




After 2 months of sunshine, beaches and warmth, I am now back in Illinois. Thank you everyone who followed me through my trip to Honduras and prayed for me as I served at Hospital Loma de Luz. This concludes my first trip to a foreign country, however, stay tuned in case the Lord calls me again.

Last day in Honduras

Last day in Honduras

Today was the last full day in Honduras and I got to spend the afternoon at the beach with a bunch of the friends I made while down here. This group of kids has taught me a lot in the short time I have been here and I thank the Lord for bringing them into my life. Saying goodbye was very bittersweet as I long to see my family, but I also loved being a part of a community of believers every day.
From left are: Phillip, Jayson, Sam, Ben, Claris, Dania, Ally, Hannah, Julio, Darwing, Sarah, Alyssa, Naun, and Caleb.

Going home in just a few days

It is less than 3 days till I leave Honduras to go home, and as I contemplate leaving, I have mixed emotions. On the one hand I extremely hate to leave. I like the friends I have made, the fellowship I have experiences, the scenery I have seen, and the clear hand of God at work. On the other hand I cannot wait to go home to see my family and friends at home in Illinois. I miss playing games with my brothers, I miss fellow-shipping at church, I miss playing volleyball, I miss playing in the snow, I miss my Mom and Dad, I miss my best friends. 

I am literally torn between two worlds as I begin to leave on to go to another. Originally, I did not even want to come to Honduras, but now I find myself not knowing what I would do or who I would be without Honduras. My friends here in Honduras are all asking when I will be coming back and I face them with uncertainty, but hoping that I will visit again. I seem to be a child of two worlds not knowing which is better or which one holds more sway.

Now I realize more of what it means to be a sojourner and not having a home. The reality is that my home is nowhere to be found on this earth, rather, my home is in heaven. While I may long to be home in Illinois or back in Honduras, I must remember that both of these places are only temporary places on my journey to my real home. 

When I first came here I was terrified that this would happen. I was afraid that I would make friends and like it here in Honduras. So much so that I pleaded with God to let me do my work and ignore everyone but a few. I was prepared to do my job and make connections with a select, small group of people and go home with nary a though, but God would not allow me to do that. Through this trip I learned to trust God, therefore, I obeyed and made friends and had a great time and built relationships. 

But now here I am having become attached to two worlds and not knowing how to deal with it. I would not change anything, even though I still do not understand fully. God is and always will be trustworthy, so I will trust Him to work out the details and future of this Dichotomy. My prayer is a prayer to God for continued trust in Him and hope that He will provide the answers in due time.


I literally hea…

I literally heard Conner laughing all the way from the playground.

~ Mackenzie 

More shelves

More shelves

Another shelving project done. This one was under the stairs leading to the first shelves that I put together. There are always project to do around here.

Mike and Marvin

Mike and Marvin

Discussing plans for the school with Marvin (notice the height difference).

First day of school

First day of school

Scott taking pictures of the School children on the first day of school.