Let’s Recap (because I could not think of another title)

For all of you who waited with baited breath for me to actually post something, here is a quick recap of what has been going on:

Day 1:(Monday) Arrived in Roatan at 12:30 and took the ferry to La Ceiba and arrived at the mainland at 3:30. Mr. Fields and his family picked me up at the dock and took me to get groceries; after groceries we went to the Hospital compound, which was about 1 1/2 hours away. While do remember having supper that evening I remember little else as I was extremely tired.

Day 2: I stumbled upon the morning prayer meeting with Mr. Fields and a couple of other men. I began working with Mike and got to learn a lot about how things work around the hospital.

Day 3: The Hondurans celebrated the New Year with gusto, although I was fast asleep; Mike had a couple of things that he wanted to get done, so we worked a part of a day and did, indeed accomplish our goals.

Day 4: I watched while Mike loaded up a dump truck with dirt for the floor of the new school house (pictures later); One of the Honduran guys (Salvino) was working with us and drove the dump truck (affectionately referred to as “The Commando”) to the building site. We hauled 11 loads of dirt–even with a breakdown.

Day 5: I worked with Mike only half a day because he had to pick up his son from the airport; the rest of the day I worked with another Honduran man (Lorenzo) who only spoke a little English–making communication a challenge. 

Day 6: I decided to stay in my apartment all day and catch up on reading and recitation. A new family arrived this evening and I shared supper with them and we got to know each other.

There you have it, a relatively short recap of my first 6 days on my own in a foreign land.



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One response to “Let’s Recap (because I could not think of another title)”

  1. Ortega Family says :

    Conner – we are glad to hear that you are settling and finding plenty of ways to be of assistance. May The Lord continue to bless you as you serve, learn, and grow. We are keeping you in prayer. With love – the Ortega Family

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