At the beach again

I went to the beach this afternoon and took along three Honduran boys from the Children’s Center. The showed me how to get there from the Center because you have to go through the palm trees to get to a special point in the beach and it is difficult to find on your own. Obviously, the boys all spoke Spanish, which made communication a little difficult, but I actually enjoyed the intrigue of figuring out what they were saying and the challenge of communicating with them. Once in a while on our little excursion, I would ask what something was in Spanish and then I would tell them what it was in English. They would repeat it with a heavy accent, but they probably did not forget it like I forgot the Spanish words. 

 While we walked, they pointed out the crabs running in their holes and told me how they like to catch them. When we got to the beach, the boys handed me a small fruit and told me to eat it. Not sure whether or not I should I waited until they had some. Once I tried it, I thought it was pretty bland. 

 They had lots of fun playing a small pool of water near the beach, while I went swimming. I found out very quickly how not suited for swimming I was, but I enjoyed I enjoyed the little bit I was able to do nonetheless. The boys had the time of their lives jumping, splashing, and playing in the water. In the pool there were lots of minnows of some kind and the boys tried unsuccessfully to catch them–I thought it fun to see them try, though.

While we were there, the boys had me grab some coconuts for them and showed me to smash it against a tree to get the juice out. On the way back they each had two coconuts–one for them and another for the ladies at the Center. When we got back to the center the boys turned on the hose and got themselves wet all over again. After I hosed myself off, I said goodbye and headed back with my fresh coconut in hand.



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